Testimonial - B Series Sport Suspension - F22 M240i - Mr Hattersley Part 2

Dear Kevin,
After several months I continue to be surprised and delighted by the B2 suspension package. Being unable to find a winter tyre and rim combination that I liked I eventually changed the original Michelins on my 240i to Goodyears - as recommended by Birds.
The result is far better grip both in the wet and in low temperatures. Although not a genuine 'winter tyre' I find that the Birds suspension with the Goodyear tyres telegraphs an enormous amount of information about changing levels of grip and what both the front and rear ends of the car are about to do. This is both a safety feature and makes for a great driving experience. So much so that driving at moderate or even slow speeds on a wet and intermittently icy road can become a pleasure rather than a chore.  This really is an exceptional set-up!
Anyway, all the very best for 2018.