Testimonial - B-Series Sport Suspension - F30 330dx - Mr Sinclair

Hi Kevin
Thank you for the quotations, much appreciated and food for thought.
Regarding the "dream" of creating that unique independent specialist brand I can honestly say I have absolutely no illusion of such high almighty status...just merely hoping to provide something a little different for people (customers) who appreciate the detail and maybe haven't got the time to spend on such endeavours as you and I.
I took your advise and fitted Continental Sport Contact 6's to the 330d X - wow what a drive. Your time and efforts developing the suspension system has truly not been wasted. I would go far enough to say it is now better than say an Audi A4 Quattro Avant with standard S-line suspension and that is what I had hoped for. Its well poised, balanced and actually gets progressively better with speed. A complete transformation from the dull, lacklustre effort BMW created from factory and lets face it there must  hundreds if not thousands of customers who have bought the X-drive having done the maths and read the technical bumf - pitched it against the Audi Quattro and I bet truly regret their acquisition. In summary I would say your  suspension package "hits the spot" - its a real world affordable system that makes an average car an absolute pleasure to drive. Thanks
Thank you also for the time you afforded it was a real pleasure meeting you all, very much appreciated.
Hopefully speak soon regarding the 335DX which is coming along nicely.