Testimonial - B1 Sport Suspension - E82 135i - Mr Day


Hi Kevin,

Thought i'd drop you a line saying how pleased i am with new suspension if you want to use on your website.
After ditching run flat tyres and hearing about Bird's B2 suspension fix for BMW cars I took my 135i convertible to Iver to have the units fitted. I had a demonstration drive In kevin's M130 which was impressive but not concluisve as my car is a heavier convertible.
Kevin offered to remove the new units and replace my old suspension if I was unhappy with the results (less cost of labour). He reckoned non-run flat tyres account for around a 30-35% improvement in handling and new suspension units would add another 50-60%.
This was the deciding factor for me and on April 11 I had the work done and drove around 20 miles afterwards.
The car feels much more planted. The jiggly ride and thumping over surface defects like potholes and cracks is much reduced. Handling round corners is much smooother.
In conclusion the car is much more fun to drive and though I haven't pushed it to hard  I have no doubt it will corner faster as it is better planted. I might go for the slip diff as well but that's a lot more money. I am most of the way to achieving my aim of a truly sporting convertible - the best of all motoring worlds!