Testimonial - E82 135i - Quaife LSD - Mr Veiga

Date: 10/102016

Dear James,
How are you?
I am very happy with my experience with the Quaife diferencial, both road and track!
At the road I can feel the diferencial working before the electronics "kick in". It's a wonderfull thing!
At the track it is were it really shines, it's amazing the control that I can have at the exit of the turns, especially the slow and medium turns!
I don't know how many seconds i did gain per lap (maybe 3 seconds) because at the same time I did M3/1M front and rear arms (uper and lower) and rear frame bushings and I can't quantify the gains of them. Also my tyres are bit worn compared to the previous track day and also, I don't know why at the middle of each session I got a warning to cool down the breakes (maybe need to change the oil brakes, because the level was fine, althoug with a minor leaking on the top)
Next track day will be at the 4th of December, with a bit  of luck might not be raining and I can try "pole position" lap times style.
Thank you for everything!
My best regards,