Testimonial - F13 640d - B Series Package (Quaife LSD, Anti-Roll bars, engine remap - Mr More

Date 20/03/17

Dear Kevin,

At last, I have my laptop back so, as promised, I thought that I should put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, in this case.

As you know, apart from the test drive and short drive to you from Sytner - High Wycombe, after taking possession of the car, I have had no experience with this model of BMW and this situation was further compounded by my need to get used to its being automatic (necessary because of my spinal issues) and the fact that, as soon as I returned to the Lake District and the fun driving roads that I know so well, the 20” staggered wheels, replete with horrible runflats, were immediately changed to  4 x 8.5J 19” wheels with Continental T830P standard winter tyres. There are just too many changes, one after the other, plus the new tyres need time to bed in.

When you fitted the LSD and anti rollbars to my previous E60 530D, I had had the car for some time and was already on the same (but scrubbed in and 18”) winter tyres and so I knew its characteristics well (and didn’t like them, apart from the tyres!). Consequently, it was much easier to notice the huge difference before and after. However, in spite of the difficulties, it is obvious that your efforts have done wonders. Traction out of an uphill B road junction is instant with no traction control light flickering, despite the loose surface, that, from my experience with the pre LSD E60, I know would have been occurring madly. The long right hand uphill dual carriageway stretch that is such a good high speed test was impressive, as with the post modification E60. There is no roll and minimal squat under acceleration. The car just goes and grips, the difference being that it does this and inspires the confidence to do this at higher speeds than the E60, even in inclement weather.

The remap, which sadly was the cause of so much grief, was worth it. Apart from a short trip out with a friend and business colleague, on the way north, to show him “what it would do”, the remap has actually encouraged economic driving in Eco-Pro mode, albeit with the stop/start off. There is so much torque on tap that, with barely any increase in throttle pressure, the impression is of effortlessness, whatever the speed. Indeed, it is a pleasure to drive this car slowly and when you do, the trade off in better fuel consumption is, frankly, ridiculous. This car uses substantially less fuel than did my remapped (by you) E60 530D, in like for like conditions and the E60 was at least 10% better, in fuel consumption terms, than it was before you remapped it! Having commented upon its frugality and the pleasure it provides when driving slowly, it would be remiss not to comment upon the other end of the spectrum. Even though my pre remapped experience was limited, the difference in performance is night and day. In any gear, from any speed and in any driving mode, the performance is startling. It makes you shake your head and laugh out loud. Every time I go out in this car, it puts a smile on my face. Given “new car syndrome”, one might expect that but I know that I will feel the same, long after the novelty has worn off. Most importantly, the pleasure in driving the car has been greatly enhanced by your efforts.

I know that the grief this remap caused has caused you to reassess your business model regarding BMW diesel remaps. Obviously, that is a matter for you and I understand your concerns but, whilst not wishing to volunteer to spend even more money, I would like to say this. If I were to be in the position of seeking to do this in the future, knowing what I do now, would I do it again? The answer is an emphatic yes. If you need to increase your charge, as insurance to mitigate against the occasional need to replace the ECU, I would pay the increase. The difference in both performance and economy (which are, frankly, insane) would be worth the premium you feel you would need to charge.

I wouldn’t wish to go through the hire car saga again but, in spite of it, nothing can take the shine off my appreciation of your efforts and the joy your modifications have wrought upon a car which I already loved. I am absolutely delighted and thrilled and wish you to pass on my grateful and heartfelt thanks to Dennis, who coincidentally did the LSD on my E60, for his work on my behalf.

Best regards,