Testimonial - F20 M135i - Quaife LSD - Mr Chou

Date: 16/02/2017

Good day James

Not sure where to begin, but here we go, I have finally fitted the LSD from you, work shop took 2 days due to sourcing the spanner that is 50mm and 15mm thin, anyway, got my M135i back today.
So at workshop gate there is small closed street pretty wide, i decided to give a go, dsc all off, foot on brake build some boost, release and turn bit of steering, instantly car goes sideways, so i counter steer the drift, felt the LSD work wonderfully and so smooth so continued throttle and bounced abit of limiter and turn the other side, counter again, in my mind was just WOW, so did it again, left behind was perfect s marks.
In stock LSD it would have never been so easy, would have been really hard for me, as i tried to do same thing before, stock differential always throw me a 180 or not drift sideways enough or transition that ease.
I have read lots of review on quaife LSD, people always comment on the girps side of LSD, but never comment on how smooth it drift and transition in between the drift. Nut its still early for me to comment on that, but above is my first impression.
25 Feb, I will be driving around track, and will have deeper thought on LSD later.
P.S Sport+ make you have more fun now, it felt like less interference from the computer, I think that must be LSD limiting spinning only one wheel.
Thank you James
UPDATE 16/03/2017
Good day James
Its been some time since the LSD is fitted, I have been on the track sometime ago, i must say, its a day and night difference between stock diff and quaife. I was getting so much angle out of drifting and never span out once on the track, were stock lsd would give me hell lots of slap back.
It is super smooth and predictable, transition from one side to another is awesome. got so much laugh and giggle from the passengers in my car. :D
Now i have fitted new rear tyre, going to 400m drag race saturday, let see how awesome when both wheel grips :D
Thanks James. it was my best mod done to the car.
kind regards