Testimonial - F31 335dx - B3 Sport Suspension - Mr Sorbie

Date: 13/01/2017


If not too late can I have the old suspension parts (not for me but when I eventually sell on they would be good to have)

Really pleased with the work

The 335D X Drive in standard form is a wonderful car but flawed in terms of handling and that doesn�t mean on the limit or fast driving, any tighter corners the cars front end would dive and you would be unsure of what was going on beneath you, this leads to a lack of confidence in the cars ability and lack of enjoyment to exploit the amazing engine and gearbox.

The modifications that you have carried out have not dramatically changed the car and that is a good thing, it has eradicated the flaws.

The car now drives as it should, the dive into every corner has gone and feedback whilst not the 335Ds strongpoint is markedly better

The standard engine was always strong and the engine management modifications are unnoticeable 95% of the time, again a good thing, but now when you clog it eyes widen, it is seriously quick

Best Regards