• Testimonial - E82 135i - B1 Dynamics Package - Mr Luthra

    Date: 21/12/2013

  • Testimonial - E85 Z4 3.0i - Quaife LSD - Viktor

    Date: 23/12/2013
    Hello James,
    I have to say that the cars driving behaviour with the LSD changed
    dramatically! It is almost incredible how much grip I have at the end of the...
  • Testimonial - F20 M135i - Quaife LSD - Derek

    Date 11/12/2013
    Hi James,
    The core will be shipped out tomorrow! I just wanna say it's the best mod ever!!!! I have Hartge Ecu and a full turbo back exhaust, and it used to lose...
  • Video Silverstone - E87 130i - Dynamics Package (B1 suspension, Quaife LSD, Roll bars) - George