Halloween Quaife ATB Limited-Slip Differential Final Drive Sale!

Various Quaife-equipped final drives available for specific models at discounted prices.

In an effort to clear out some of our older/excess stock, we are offering a number of complete Quaife ATB-equipped final drives for various BMW and Mercedes models at discounted prices. All of these drives come with the usual 12 month warranty and Quaife limited lifetime warranty.



Below are the applications with prices shown, all parts prices plus VAT:

  • 33-828-174 E82 135i manual (with 3 bolt flange type) BMW part no. 33107588174. All new bearings installed. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1350
  • 33-878-521 E81/E82/E87 123d manual, E90/E91 Alpina D3 Biturbo manual, E90/E91/E92 325d auto and 330d auto. BMW part no. 33107572521. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1495
  • 33-107-536 F10 535d and 535dx auto. BMW part no. 33107565367. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1695
  • 33-909-375 E82 125i and 128i auto. Sport final drive; OE ratio 3.07, sport now 3.73. BMW part no. 33107591108. Retail price: £1856.51, Sale price: £1695
  • 33-608-247 E60 530d auto. BMW part no. 33107526932. Retail price: £1418.20, Sale price: £1350
  • 33-207-247 W207 E550 CGI. Mercedes part no. 204-350-13-14Retail price: 1962.30,  Sale price: £1695
  • 33-105-421 W107 300SL. Mercedes part no. 126-350-29-62. Retail price: £1487.56, Sale price: £1350
  • 33-209-352 W172 SLK55 AMG. Mercedes part no. 172-350-12-14Retail price: £2246.95, Sale price: £1695
  • 33-202-361 W202 C36 AMG. Mercedes part no. 202-350-09-14. Retail price: £1288.20, Sale price: £1195
  • 33-069-052 F07/F10 550i, 550i GT, 550ix, M550dx F06/F12/F13 640d, 640dx (GC), 650i, 650ix. BMW part no. 7630828/9. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1695
  • 33-F30-320 F22 220d man, F30/F31 318d/x 320d/x 335ix and 340ix all manuals, F32 420d/x 435ix manuals. BMW part no. 7599475/6. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1895
  • 33-F30-326 F20 125i man, F22 230i man 228i auto, F30/F34 320ix 328i 330i 335ix all manual, F32/F36 428i 430i man. BMW part no. 7603750/1. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1895
  • 33-F30-328 F20 118dx 120d/x man, F22 218d man, F30 328i/x 335i/x autos, F32 428i 435i autos. BMW part no. 7603748/9. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1895
  • 33-898-594 E89 Z4 35i manual. BMW part no. 7571594/5. Retail price: £2145, Sale price: £1695
  • 33-108-450 G01 X3 M40ix. BMW part no. 8643134. Retail price: £1964.53, Sale price: £1695

Compatibility may vary so get in touch if you are interested in any of the models/part numbers above!