Testimonial - B-Series Sport Suspension - F22 M240i - Mr Miles

Date: 30/10/19

    My review is a bit lengthy, feel free to reduce it.

The problem.
I thought I had conducted a enough research into the M240 prior to purchase, hours spent on YouTube and motoring articles, with only the odd mention of the suspension being on the hard side. Having then purchased a low mileage nearly new M240 in March of this year and taking it out on Cumbria’s diverse road network (lots of lumpy bumpy A & B roads) I was shocked at the harshness of the stock suspension and in particular the back end of the cars propensity to hop, skip, and jump especially when negotiating a sweeping bend. All my previous cars have been stock and although you felt the lumps and bumps in the road I had never had a car so unsettled and disconcerting to drive.
My wife who who is not into cars on experiencing the bouncy back end of the car as a passenger asked if it’s supposed to do that, oh dear what had I bought.

The solution.
As I had bought the car outright as a long term buy I needed to try and address the issues, it didn’t take long until Birds was mentioned on a number of forums, and on reading the Birds website regarding the M lites, all the issues I had experienced were there in black and white, ‘wild characteristics’ ‘what was BMW thinking’ etc.
So after reading all the information on the B2 suspension kit I was sold, although I was reluctant as I don’t modify cars. However I contacted Birds on two occasions and was given answers to all my questions, it was clear that there was a wealth of knowledge and experience, but just to satisfy myself I also contacted another company which shall remain nameless, I had seen it feature on a number of YouTube video’s, and like Birds used Bilstein and Eibach.
I had asked them about any differences between their kit and Birds given that they were cheaper in price, this question was not addressed and the main selling point was how much the car would be lowered and the ‘stance’ of the car after fitting, no comments or information regarding how their kit would improve my car.
Needless to say I wasn’t interested in ‘stance’ and I purchased the Birds B2 kit which was posted to me and I had it fitted at Darren Wood Ltd in Manchester, an independent BMW specialist who have connections to Birds and have experience in fitting the kit.
So the result, brilliant! No more back end skipping, noticeable improved traction, more precise steering feel, handling/ body control marked difference, grip levels greatly improved, the car used to snake under hard acceleration, but best of all is the general ride/ composure, and harshness issues have been resolved, and very quickly you start to struggle to remember how bad the car was with stock suspension was.

Thank you, Mr Miles