BMW E46 M3 Exchange QUAIFE LSD Differential

Please note that the Exchange Differential option is now unavailable. We now only offer the QUAIFE LSD Conversion Kits for the existing differential.

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How is the Quaife ATB Differential superior?

The BMW M Differential uses a basic clutch type LSD which wears out over time, deteriorating in performance before eventually needing to be replaced. They are given an average lifespan of around 60,000 miles, but we have seen them fail as low as 30,000 miles when used aggressively. What's worse is a new BMW M Differential for the E46 M3 will cost you more than £3120 + fitting... 

When the time comes to replace your BMW M Differential, the QUAIFE ATB Differential is a superior solution. By using a clever scroll gear system that biases torque to the wheel with more grip, it has no wearing components and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Its torque-biasing design is better at putting traction down too - constantly detecting wheel slip and manipulating the torque accordingly, and applying it in a progressive, user-friendly manner.

With our Exchange solution, we also take the opportunity to renew all of the bearings and seals, making it mechnically as good as new. We provide a BMW warranty-beating 24 month guarantee.


Beware of "refurbished differentials" for sale!

Many companies offering "refurbished" or "restored" differentials often only replace the output bearings (pinion bearing replacement is a technical job and requires specialist set-up). Sometimes they only replace the output seals. The pinion bearings are the most important item to replace, since they are the ones that eventually fail and cause a whining noise.

When changing the LSD, it is the best time to swap the bearings too, so we renew all of the bearings and seals in the differential. We only use BMW OEM bearings and seals. 

However, if your differential has a low mileage and the bearings appear ok during disassembly, you may choose to upgrade your existing differential with a Quaife LSD only. Please contact us for any prices or information - 01753 657 444