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  • 1 Series (E81/E87)

    Production 2004-2012.

    This has to be the closest thing that BMW have made since the E30 M3. Intrigued by references to the M3 in an early "Autocar" editorial when the 130i was first born, Kevin Bird borrowed a car from his...

  • 1 Series (E82/E88)

    Production 2007-2014.

    Using almost the same chassis as the E87, which we say is the closest thing that BMW have made since the E30 M3, most of the dynamics tuning work for this car had already been completed by the time this chassis...

  • 1 Series (F20/F21)

    Production 2011–present. 

    Quite a few negative reviews by the press after launch of the F20 "One" criticising the looks of the car. Surprisingly, many don't seem able to see past the aesthetics into the...

  • 2 Series (F22)

    Production 2013-present.

  • 3 Series (E21)

    This is where it all started. Kevin Bird's first BMW at the tender age of 21! A part exchanged 320 four cylinder that had already been "got at" by its first owner. Practically unsaleable through the Birds of Gerrards Cross BMW...

  • 3 Series (E30)

    There can be no doubt that this car holds the key to driving nirvana. In truth it is the only true M-Power car apart from the M1. All M-Power cars that followed were basically just highly tuned versions of their smaller brothers. We remember...

  • 3 Series (E36)

    When the E36 was launched first launched, it was praised for the new-found handling balance afforded by BMWs famed Z-Axle. You will find this chassis arrangement of every BMW built since.

  • 3 Series (E46)

    Production 1998-2006.

    Such was the success of its older brother, when the E46 3-Series was launched it was clear that BMW were planning a vast array of engine and body style variant for this car. Tuners found it very difficult to decide...

  • 3 Series (E90/E91)

    Production 2004-2011.

  • 3 Series (E92/E93)

    Production 2004-2011.

    BMW did the tuning market a huge favour with this car. At some stage in its development life, they handed the job to a madman, who set about ruining a perfectly good chassis. When our long awaited demonstrator 335i...