3 Series (E21)

This is where it all started. Kevin Bird's first BMW at the tender age of 21! A part exchanged 320 four cylinder that had already been "got at" by its first owner. Practically unsaleable through the Birds of Gerrards Cross BMW Dealership due to the presence of dual twin choke webbers, it found its way into Kevin's hands. Although only an engineer in training, he started a haphazard modification program, including the inevitable engine work, using BMW motorsport parts, then cheaply modifying suspension, exhaust, and unfortunatley some of the bodywork as a consequence of the evil handling.

Sadly, Birds can no longer offer full packages of tuning equipment for this chassis. There is no way to justify the considerable expense of proper modification to these cars, and it is better to expend available funds in keeping these little beasts running in standard trim, we would say.  
But, if you have one of these, and you need some reliable and forgiving traction advantage, we still stock the legendary Quaife ATB limited slip differentials for this car.