1 Series (F20/F21)

Production 2011–present. 

Quite a few negative reviews by the press after launch of the latest "One" criticising the looks of the car. Surprisingly, many don't seem able to see past the aesthetics into the substantially improved dynamics. They criticised the looks of the first 1 Series too, but it then went on to be a BMW best seller...

So, yes, BMW have countered some of the dynamic failings of the original, and the new One is a little more mature. However, it's clearly not perfect, and so our work has started. 

The most impressive model available is the M135i. This is an awesome machine, and is very nearly a true M-Power car. All that holds it back is the lack of a limited-slip differential, and a bit of chassis tuning. And of course there's no harm in upping the power a little too!

Our program is still developing for the 1 Series, but very soon, we will launch a fully prepared car to the press. The look of the car may not change much, but our faithful followers know that the dynamics certainly will.

Special Offers

Description Application Fitted price
Engine ECU 218hp (Used) 120d (based on 184hp version) £803