Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Sport Suspension, Quaife LSD, Alcon Brakes - Mr Coleman

Date: 10/09/2023

Hi Kos & Kevin, 

Hope you both had a great weekend?  I thought I'd drop you a line to say having driven the car both on the motorway on the way home and for a couple of blasts around the B roads near my home I'm very pleased. 
My wife drove the car yesterday and said the comfort was much improved and she felt more confident using the power since it doesn't steer itself when deploying full power like it used to which unnerved her.  I think the best compliment she gave is "it drives more like a Porsche now".  No complaints on firmness or NVH from her either.  
I grabbed the car by the scruff of it's neck on a 10 mile blast, the highlight for me was when I trail braked it into a left hand turn off at a junction to another road resulting in a beautiful rotation into the turn, the slightest of slides and then it hooked up and came out the turn just as you'd want.  Perhaps I was being a little ott trying the new toy but nonetheless, it behaved exactly as I wanted.  The washing out at the front is much reduced thanks to the camber from the M3/M4 arms, the car is more poised and accurate in steering, it's more comfortable, grip has improved at the rear as well as the front, the bouncing about is now gone replaced by much better wheel control - you can feel the dampers keeping them in contact with the road now.  I too have not found the additional NVH an annoyance at all - you do notice it a little around 50mph but it's no louder than the sound of the M Performance exhaust and putting the stereo on low volume covers it up but its really not an issue since you don't often drive at exactly 50mph for hours on end.  The Alcon's are great and mean you can deploy more of the power more of the time, brake later and have total confidence in it stopping.  I can imagine they would be even more of a joy to use on track.  The Millway rear subframe bushings are fantastic - no more steering from the rear - you can hammer the throttle hard and the car just goes where you point it now without lurching around.  The car is now my perfect daily driver spec and it has really uncovered the good car I felt was hiding beneath the flaws of the stock setup.  Yes I could have bought an M2 but I like the practicality of the m140i.  The car is a real sleeper weapon now.  
Many Thanks,