Testimonial - B1 Sport Suspension & QUAIFE LSD - F20 M140i - Mr Garnham

Date: 01/11/22

Hello James

Just an update and please feel free to use any parts that you may wish to as testimonial. "My 140i was acquired c 6 months ago, I quickly realised living in the country that I may have made a bad choice. The B roads where I live showed up the appalling ride quality on the car to the point that I was spending most of my driving time trying to avoid pot holes and road imperfections. My wife hated the car.

Undertook some research to see if there may be any ways of improving matters and came across Birds BMW. Exchanged e-mails (no pressure selling here) and it was arranged that I could book some work subject to my satisfaction with an arranged test drive on the day. I was happy! Not the cheapest option but purchased the B1 Package being the suspension upgrade and Quaife LSD and talked myself into front wheel spacers as well.

The car is transformed, ride quality is so much better at all speeds and the LSD allows you to fully appreciate the car and engine whereas before I was worried that I would end up in a hedge. The biggest difference is that I now realise just how slowly I was driving before to avoid the harshness of the suspension travel. Jury is out on the wheel spacers and the difference that has made but as for the rest I surely made a very good decision”. Thanks James, one happy customer..

Kind regards, James