Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Sport Suspension - Clive

Date: 08/09/2023

I have a 2019 M140 with the standard BMW suspension and Michelin run flat tyres. The standard suspension was clearly overdamped as my car not only bounced along roads rather than drove along them but also had poor traction and steering feel. This has been bad enough to lead other people I know that have had this car to sell it.

I had read about the Birds suspension and after being a passenger in Bird’s M135, I decided to have the Birds B Series sports suspension fitted to my car. This suspension has transformed my car. The car now rides over bumps and potholes rather than bouncing over them, with the result meaning that traction has improved considerably and the additional benefit of the ride being more comfortable.


There is a little more body roll in corners but this only adds to the feel, which is a benefit that I had not been expecting. The original steering was so light and there was little or no feel from it. With the Birds suspension, the steering is slightly heavier and the feel is considerably improved. What is most interesting is that I still have the run flat tyres on, which reduces feel and the wheel alignment settings are all standard BMW. This suspension has transformed my M140 and makes it a much nicer and more enjoyable drive.


I am expecting that once I replace the run flat tyres for conventional tyres, that the steering feel, traction and ride will improve further.