Testimonial - F20 M140i - Engine, Quaife LSD, B1 Suspension - Mr Godin

Date: 06/11/23

Hi Kevin,

Quick message to let you know we got home fine (we were lucky enough to avoid most of the storm) and that I’m very happy with the transformation of the car. Each modification is a major improvement and I certainly don’t regret getting the whole package. It’s altogether so much more together and well balanced. 
The B1s are remarkably calibrated and the ride and handling are well improved indeed as predicted. I was particularly impressed by the damping on pavement roads.
Also very glad I opted for the engine management which feels again spot on. The beautiful character of the B58 is completely preserved, the car can still be driven comfortably at normal pace like stock (my overall consumption of 9l/100km on the trip back says it all!) and at the same time the throttle response is sharper, the max power increase is really impressive and exhilarating and I would not wish any more.
Same for the short shift + which feels more precise and really makes a difference.
I haven’t had much occasion to enjoy the LSD yet, but I did briefly turn off traction control in the wet at low speed to confirm how predicable and controllable the rear end is now. It feels so much safer that I am sure I will soon feel more confident in working the chassis more properly!
The last improvement I am considering is a set of lightweight wheels with wider tires in the rear, as the quite worn 225s currently mounted are now struggling a bit to put the power down.
Thank you again for an impeccable service and for your expertise. I feel the car is now exactly where it wanted it to be mechanically, a dream car with all of BMW’s sport GT mindset that motivates me to improve my driving skills and enjoy it for many years to come.