Testimonial - Birds Complete Conversion - F20 M135i - Mr Elliott

Hi Kevin,
Good to hear from you. I am delighted with the B-Series setup! It continues to exceed my expectations as I have taken time to feel my way toward its boundaries, which I have yet to get anyway near of course. The body control is a step-change from standard and this is building my confidence to press on when driving fast bends on A roads or undulating B roads. In fact I immediately switch to Sport + all the time now and the way the car hooks up under hard acceleration out of corners is awesome, and fun with a little bit of movement too! 
There is undoubtedly more precision with the steering although I am note sure if that’s the setup or 19” wheels (both?) but either way the ride has not suffered and is much better over uneven surfaces. It has crashed through potholes (as did the standard car) which has unnerved me a couple of times, not because of the sound but more because I am precious about the wheels. They were deep potholes that I didn’t see until too late though. However driving the same roads most days I know where the roads are bad but sometimes you can’t avoid the odd one and I have braced myself for the crash and the car has absorbed the compression without issue, so for me the B-1 is even more impressive considering the reduced tyre on 19” wheels so I won’t be going back to 18’s.
Lastly the brakes took a little while to bed in and I think they are becoming my favourite upgrade. The bite and power is superb and goading me to brake later and later on familiar roads as they build so much more confidence to use the added ability from the mods. I note a bit of surface rust on the inner most part of the disc rim so if you have any advice as to how to clean and maintain that would be good as they look great otherwise. 
So I am over the moon with the upgrades so thanks for checking in. I am thinking about more power (inevitably) so may be in touch and would like to do some cosmetic work too with some external carbon bits; if you would be interested in fitting those let me know as  I would be happy to put the work your way.
Mr Elliott