Testimonial - E82 135i - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Sykes

Date: 21/08/19

Ok so first off wow! I knew I wouldn't really know without driving it for my self when you did a demo with me. But I took it up the road after I was done to make sure everything was alright and quickly started to notice every bump was so much less harsh. Just a little bit of a nudge to give you feed back but when you hit a drain grate or dip it its soooo much more grounded. It doesn't feel skittish or "unsafe" anymore. before when doing 60 I was very aware of that, then if I jumped in our Ford galaxy I'd do it without realising. it's the same thing now but without the numb detachment of the galaxy. I'm really excited for the alignment check so I can ring its silly blue neck more than ever before!


I’ve just go to say....I had my journey to work today which is on some really bad roads. No pot holes but really bad dips and humps, on straights and in the corners. It’s a national to so it can really upset a car if you aren’t familiar with it. F*** me the difference is unreal! Before it was like the car was trying to smash the humps flat but now it just goes over them like it would a gentle hill. All without sacrificing any of the feedback.