Testimonial - E87 120d - Quaife LSD and Anti-roll bars - Mr Sibley

Date: 27/09/2012 

Hey James,

Just wanted to say thanks for sorting the Quaife and ARB's out. What a wonderful difference it has made to my car. It feels far more legitimate now as an "ultimate driving machine" that BMW try to market. No horrible understeer any more and no panic inducing handling! It's all very predictable and polite in the way it handles, and twitchy enough to excite - I actually can't of a more appropriate upgrade package, and despite the fact that I only have 190hp it's so much quicker without the brake interfering all the time (even with DSC fully enabled which was a huge surprise) the extra traction is fantastic.
I've appreciated the weather lately.
Hope you guys had a good track day Monday btw, wish I'd have stopped and had a chat but I was a bit flustered at the time with my friend in a rush to get to Harrow to get tyres fitted and only one sat-nav between us. We packed a fair bit in that day, but since then it's felt like Christmas and I'm really enjoying my journeys.
Anyway - nice to meet you and thanks again for a wonderful service!