Testimonial - E87 130i - B1 Dynamics Package - Mr Craddock

Date: 27/05/2015

Hi Kevin,
Trust you're well!
First and foremost I eventually sorted my wheels. After a lot of thought and viewing this and that I opted to have the standard wheels professionally refurbished by Rimstock Birmingham. I had them done in E39 M5 shadow chrome and I can't tell you just how good they look so have a little look at the pic attached.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how phenomenal the car performed this weekend when my father and I decided to take a weekend flyer to the Nurburgring! 
It was there I really appreciated the B1 Dynamics Pack. The car was sensational. I have visited twice in the past, once in a 911 993, and the other in a Subaru Impreza, and I can categorically say that neither compared in speed and handling. As a complete amateur it was still very easy to keep up with similar novices (although much more experienced) than I and push the car with ease. 
The danger of this particular track is widely known, but at no stage did I feel uncomfortable or out of touch with the car. It really is a true weapon and made me look like a hero! No parting with this car now - I can see what you meant... Irreplaceable! 
I have also now fitted the BMW Performance Silencer and it really does give it more sounding as a high performance vehicle. 
The weekend was so good my father is now thinking of dumping the DB9 he took in favour of an E90 M3. If he gets further down the road I'll put him in touch with you.
Best regards