Testimonial - E87 130i - B1 Dynamics Package (Quaife LSD, B1 sport suspension, B1 anti-roll bars) - Mr Wagner

This is the first time I've proactively offered to write an unsollicited testimonial after ordering some parts, but Birds' service exceeded expectations. They were easy and pleasant to do business with and took time to offer helpful advice (Kevin Bird in particular). I have a 130i which I felt could be improved (trouble getting the power down, an unnecessarily stiff ride, somewhat nervous handling and an oversprung rear end). After doing research and reading a road test of a Birds-equipped car, I ordered the Birds custom springs, dampers and roll bars, plus a Quaife LSD, front strut brace and BMW Performance brake kit (discs and gold calipers). I also ordered some Pilot Super Sports to replace the NCT 5 runflats.
I drove the 130i for a week around Corsica before fitting the parts, and then for a week in the Alps after fitting the parts. What a transformation! The ride is hugely improved. In daily driving the ride feels much more pliant and sophisticated, while when attacking roads the car feels much more composed and grips more. With the LSD, the car now launches out of hairpins where before the inside wheel would spin up and burn away the power. The big brakes are very powerful and have better feel than the stock set which feel overservoed (plus, they look the business). The car is more pleasant when cruising and inspires more confidence inspiring when really motoring. The Birds kit has corrected all the imperfections that would irritate and hence break immersion. The driving experience is now much more engaging and involving. It's great to know that my 130i is now at its optimum.
I used to own an E39 M5 and an E92 M3. As it is now, my 130i is the more entertaining car for serious road driving, no matter the relative lack of firepower compared to the big-gun M cars. I can't see myself selling my 130i any time soon, so I see the considerable up-front investment being justified by many years of joyous driving in a car that I think is one of motoring's best-kept secrets.

Alex Wagner