Testimonial - E89 Z4 35i - Quaife LSD - Mr Cunningham

Date: 07/10/22

I want to take this opportunity to thank Kevin and James for the quaife diff replacement. 
I’ve had very few moments to try this out over the last couple of weeks, though a very early callout yesterday gave to mostly uninhabited roads , 
I took advantage of this and tried to get the back end out . Normally, you get a twitch from the back and the traction control kicks in to do its stuff 
I kept my foot down into the bends and couldn’t even get a wiggle… it just feels so ( PLANTED ) like it always SHOULD have felt . Can’t wait to experiment some more with it .i am positive it’s got so much more grin factor to give still 
A lot of the guys in the z4 forum said I should get this done… how right they were 
Thanks again Kevin and James 
Money well spent I feel 
Best regards