Testimonial - E90 318d - B3 Suspension - Mr Ross

Date: 24/09/2022
Hi James,
It's not often I want to say thank you for such a fantastic product.  I have done a fair few miles with the suspension now in my humble 318D (pictures attached with your B3 kit installed with the front and rear E92 M3 control arms) and I'm now finding an excuse to just go for a late night or early morning drive.  I haven't felt this way about driving in a long time, it feels like a transformation from tired aged M sport suspension originally on the car to this.  The moment I pulled away from getting it aligned I could feel I sat differently in the car and the steering felt firm slowly and first corner I felt the loading characteristics and from that point I took the car down a country road.  Wow!  Wow wow wow!  I wish the car felt like this from day one, I am able to carry more speed and control through the corners than I can in my M sport 2007 coupe 335i, I love the flatness though ripples in the road where the car jolted before and I can't believe how much feel the suspension offers in the corner.  I will be back for another set when I upgrade my daily, until then I'm going to keep having smiles for miles.
Kind Regards