Testimonial - E90 325d - B3 Sport Suspension - Mr Holmes

Date: 15/05/2016
Hello Kevin,
It's been just over a week and over 600 miles since the suspension upgrade and thought I would give you some feedback.
Firstly can I say a big thank you for being able to fit me in with all the troubles on the M4.
I could spot the difference as soon as I left the workshop, the car feels so much more planted on the road and driving back down the M4 it just stuck to the road, even my wife in the passenger seat said it felt so much better, which is a big compliment as she has no interest in cars!
On my normal route into work most of the journey is motorway, but the last few miles I get to drive some twisty B roads, again the car just stuck and I find myself arriving at the end of the journey with a big grin on my face, I just want to drive the car.  At first you don't notice it but then realise that I took that bend faster than before and it just glides over the ruts and I'm able to put the power down earlier out of the corner.
As you said at our first contact I would be asking why I didn't do this earlier, the car is just so much more fun and better to drive.
One question which might be stupid, but when it comes to an alignment check in the future do I just get it done as normal or do I need different settings?