Testimonial - E91 325d - B3 Dynamics Pack (Quaife LSD, B3 suspension, B3 Anti-roll bars - Mr Scarlett


Hi Kevin

I have been meaning to drop you and Ian a note to say many thanks for the work you did on the car.

The Dynamics Upgrade has transformed the ride quality and "spirited" driving performance more than I would have expected over the M-Sport package.  Motorway cruising at speed is also a marked improvement as it is so much smoother. The diff gives more traction but the stability management kicks in more than it used to but that may well be as cornering speeds are faster!  The only issue maybe keeping my licence!

The map... Crickey! This is what I thought the other map should be, it is night and day between the two and well worth the upgrade.

My wife also found it to be a great upgrade to the car and finds it much more stable in corners and more predictable. Which is causing a fight for the keys when we travel together!

Kindest regards and may thanks again.