Testimonial - F10 535d - Engine Management - Mr Habberfield

Date: 14/09/2020

Hi Kevin,
Hope all well and you have survived Covid to date intact.
Do you get many people that do high(ish) mileages in their vehicles after you have tuned them?
Pleased to announce I am just on 100,000 miles in your F10 535D tune. Vehicle now on 172,000 miles.
Original invoice and today’s photo attached.
Hopefully you will be pleased to hear still goes like stink (it gets squirrelled at 155mph indicated on winter tyres). 
In terms of reliability, not put a foot wrong. No issues at all with engine and it still uses less than 0.5 litres oil per 20,000 plus miles.
Thanks Kevin, not one of your best customers but in terms of miles done one of the happiest.
Mr Habberfield