Testimonial - F20 125d - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Dickinson

Date: 25/07/19

Just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know how I'm getting on.

The ride was instantly different, I found myself anticipating the suspensions reaction to the road only to find it either didn't or was better damped and behaved.

There is a little more NVH from the front end, but I guess an inevitable trade off for it feeling planted and direct - steering feel is a little better too considering how inert it was before.

On fast A & B roads it's a revelation, gone is the pogo effect and lack of confidence brought about by the lean from lack of body control. The turn-in and control mid bend is a dramatic improvement allowing to carry more speed, in greater confidence and control.

Final point, the power delivery and braking feel improved too, not sure if this is psychological - it rarely broke traction in the dry - I guess it's just less squat and dive.

Anyway, so much for my short quick note!
Thanks again


Mr Dickinson