Testimonial - F20 M140i - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Evans

Date: 18/1/2021

Hi Kevin,

Hope you're well and business is going well?
It's been a manic few weeks and I've not been able to do as much driving as I'd like, but even a few yards down the road from your premises I could tell the difference.
It's not hyperbole when people use words like "transformative" - it feels like a new car!

When I was looking for a new car, I'd short listed a stock Golf R and an M140i plus your B1 package.

I am so glad I went for the latter!

I had a relatively modest budget and I felt that a RWD 6 cylinder would always feel more special than a 4, and with your B1 package it just feels superb.

Years ago I was lucky enough to own a 306 Rallye and it combined incredible handling with a pliant ride. Though not the same (the M140i feels stiffer and far more tightly controlled), it kind of reminded me of that. The BMW no longer "jiggles" and fidgets constantly, it rides the road so much more compliantly (it no longer bangs over cats' eyes etc).

Friends have asked me to describe the difference, and the thing that springs to mind is the feel of a volume knob on a very expensive amp - that oily, damped. heavy (but not stodgy) feel you get. It feels 'expensive' and 'quality'...

I know you know all this already!

I've yet to really exploit the LSD, but I have plenty of fun miles ahead of me in this car to learn and enjoy that as well.

You guys have sprinkled some magic on a charismatic, but flawed car, and made it into a brilliant package. And at all times, you were a pleasure to deal with.

A quick question though, mine, being a later model has particulate filters etc sounds quite muted. And, though I don't want it to be noisy (and personally, I don't enjoy the current trend of gratuitous bangs and pops on the overrun), I wondered if you had any recommendations to give that straight-6 more of a tuneful voice?

Kind regards, and thank you, for a massively improved and enjoyable driving experience...

Mr Evans