Testimonial - F20 M140i - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Picanza

Date: 03/08/2020

Morning Kevin,

As promised I want to give you further feedback on the suspension upgrade as it is now fully settled after completing 1000+ miles.

I suppose the easiest way to summarise how the car behaves now is as follows: whenever I drive the car, regardless of road conditions I never think about the suspension - ever. It simply does not register with me whilst I am driving. The car behaves in a completely predictable, consistent and natural way and this allows me to focus on driving and enjoying the whole experience. I have yet to find a scenario where the car is caught out by the road surface which confirms that the development work done was thorough, detailed and completely correct in the final settings.

Your advice regarding this being the only ‘essential upgrade’ needed is also correct. A recent trip to Whitby with my wife highlighted to her what this car is capable of in real world driving conditions. The ability to perform overtaking manoeuvres in total safety in opportunities normally confined for motorbikes, amazed her. This upgrade allows me to use much more of what this car is capable of, much more of the time whilst having total trust in the car.

I mentioned with my initial feedback that this car’s suspension feels like it was developed by Lotus. Well I will add one more brand to that list - Porsche. A recent drive of a friends Macan Turbo S confirmed this feeling. I got back into my car and could not think of one aspect where the ‘Porsche driving experience’ made me want to sell the M140i.

It is a shame how BMW seem to keep releasing models that all feel like they are a spreadsheet exercise. If anyone (who is a real driving enthusiast) in the management team in Munich where to drive this car, they would realise what a big mistake it was to stop production.

I will certainly be holding on to my car for a very long time to come.

Thank you for finishing the job BMW should have done, so perfectly.

Kind regards

Mr Picanza