Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Dynamics Package - Mr Markiewicz

Date: 11/03/2020

After scouring the internet in the pursuit of finding a remedy for the terrible standard suspension set up, and sifting through the large amounts of false promises and looks based ‘performance upgrades’, I decided to give Kevin and James a call.

I explained that I recently had  test driven the m2 competition and been shocked at how little difference there was in  power based performance to the m140,  but also envious of how much better the chassis setup was.
They explained in great detail how their b1 kit would affect my car and what I could expect. So after a few weeks of deliberation I bit the bullet and bought the kit last week.
Not quite sure how they’ve managed it but after several spirited drives I can confirm that the birds b1 kit takes the M140 into a different league entirely. The ride is so composed and stable, especially at high speed. There’s so much more steering feel and traction it quite simply doesn’t feel like the same car. The quaife diff utilises the m140s strength, it’s torque, and just propels the car from standstill or out of a corner.

Finally, after driving an array of high end cars from 911s, caymans, and m models, I think the birds m140i could most definitely hold its own against the vast majority of cars in that league with it’s new ability to perform with such control and ease at the limits makes the b1 kit a great investment for the intelligent bmw owner.

Thanks once again,

Mr Markiewicz