Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Sport Suspension - Mr Beal

Date: 18/01/2022

Hi Kevin,

Just thought I'd update you as put your shocks and springs on today.

What a difference over the ACS kit; and all positive.

Took the car out on a bumpy road on Exmoor that I know well and it was like driving a completely different car. It absorb bumps that I'd normally drive round or at least brace myself before I hit them. Compression damping on fast bumpy bends particularly is a revelation and makes the car feel more controllable as well as much more comfortable. Easier to feel the LSD doing it's stuff now. I must admit I had some reservations about putting the longer bumpstops on that you supplied having been running the softer Dinan E60 stops but these reservations were totally unfounded. You'd obviously given thought to matching stops with springs and shocks. Shame BMW didn't do the same. It's a long time since I drove a 140 with stock suspension but I reckon front and especially rear are much more compliant than stock in a good way.

There is very slightly more roll than ACS but that's to be expected with more usable suspension travel but still feels tied down. FYI front is 1.5cm higher than ACS and rear 2.5 cm higher. Early days yet but I reckon the car will probably be quicker over the broken tarmac down here in Devon and certainly much more comfortable. Even her indoors noticed it was smoother. My wife had a 140 as well. I don't think she'd have been so quick to sell it if it had been more comfortable and didn't scare her when the back started hopping around.

I'll certainly be writing this up in forums.

This is not to say that the ACS stuff is bad. Horses for courses. On fast SMOOTH roads the ACS stuff is superb. But in the UK we just don't have too many of those. Now I've been able to compare ACS with yours, the ACS stuff is definitely much more track than road focussed. Or perhaps more autobahn focussed.

You guys have done a great job.

Incidentally I didn't need the drop link so as you suggested I'll send that back to you. I never opened the packet it came in.

Again Thanks and Kind Regards.