Testimonial - F20 M140i - B1 Suspension, QUAIFE LSD, Engine Management - Mr Eyre

Date 04/11/21

Dear Kevin,
It’s now two weeks since the work was carried out on my M140i (B1 Dynamics, steering, LSD and engine remap) and I have been able to test the new set-up on the motorway, in town and on B roads.

The journey back to Yorkshire was all motorway, M25 and M1but the difference in performance and handling was immediately apparent even at a fairly constant 70 mph over a long distance. The car feels planted four square on the tarmac and certainly less prone to wander. Frequent lane changes and variations in speed don’t upset the balance of the car at all which feels precise in both wet and dry conditions. However it is on minor roads where the ride and handling is most improved. The new springs and dampers help to tighten up the back end I feel as though I have a lot more control especially over rougher surfaces. The changes to the steering, although not dramatic, provide a noticeable difference to the speed of turn-in and the previous slight tendency to understeer is now a thing of the past. Of course much of this is also due to the LSD which adds a completely new dimension to the M140i experience. It’s also quite addictive! I was a bit hesitant about the re-map but I am so glad I decided to have this done. The whole package works seamlessly and I am looking forward to enjoying the car more and more in years to come. I know that it will never be an M car in spite of your best efforts but that isn’t really the point. What I now have is a fast, practical road car which can be used every day and one which gives tremendous driving pleasure when the opportunity arises. I’m sure it will be even better once I get rid of the “weird” tyres and put some decent rubber on the wheels!  Overall I am very happy with the technical improvements and quality of work and my thanks go to you and your engineers.
Kind regards