Testimonial - F21 M140i - B-Series Sport Suspension - Mr Ellison

Date: 16/05/19


After spending a lot of time going around businesses trying to find a solution for the standard suspension on my BMW m140i I settled on the Bird’s B1 kit.  From start to finish the service was professional and they always had time to answer questions and explain its development.  Although it is slightly more costly than some options that is due to their development costs for what is effectively a bespoke and tuned solution.  I have now done 5k miles with the kit and it has transformed the handling.  On standard suspension the car was unsettled at speed during fast direction changes or on anything other than smooth surfaces. For the majority of roads where you can enjoy the car it was only good to 7/10th and then it was necessary to back off and frankly the car did not feel planted.  The B1 kit has a similar level of firmness to standard but the damping and pliancy is on another level and really allows the chassis to work as it should have done from the factory.  The body control and traction is much improvement and it is now possible to safely thread the car along a B road in a spirited manner.  The steering has a seemingly improved clarity and the balanced is nicely rear wheel biased.  The next addition will be their differential and then I think it will be as good or better than previous M cars I have owned.  I highly recommended Birds for their customer service, knowledge and products.

Best regards

Mr Ellison