Testimonial - F22 M235i - B2 Sport Suspension & QUAIFE LSD - Mr Noad

Date: 02/03/2022

Hello Team Birds.

Just finally got round to writing a testimonial for you to put up on the website

I’ve waited over a year since I investigated your workshop for you to do the modifications the B2 dynamics package of the Quaife diff and suspension.

The transformation is amazing, Kevin tuck me out in the M140i demonstrator! the car has had many mods but the most noticeable without a doubt was the suspension, of course the diff adds traction to whatever power your running, but the ride is amazing the faster you go the better it becomes, not to say you speeding everywhere, but on a bumpy B road it really comes into its own.

And those stupid speed bumps that you often find in the middle of roads trying to line the car up in the middle so as to create the least shock to the car, what a waste of time, I go straight over with one wheel or the other the suspension just soaks it up with no crashing noises in the cabin.

And the diff adds a new feel to the back of the car trying to put the power down better and smother if it starts losing the grip, as opposed to snatching unexpectedly.

Thanks again Kevin and all the team.