Testimonial - F22 M240i - B2 Dynamics Package - Mr Stuart

Date: 16/05/19


Only an initial review after a quick 30 minute hack but really, really pleased, transformation gets used a lot but in this case, deserved.  Car is far more settled, not upset by variable road surface which lets you keep the power down.  At the same time the car is a more comfortable place to be, secondary ride is another level.

LSD is making a huge difference to the traction available.  And when exceeded, it’s now very controllable which the open diff certainly wasn't.  As an overall package it’s transformed the car to what I wanted it to be.
Only thing I’ve noticed is a different resonance in the car, is that the springs just transmitting more?  And I’m now contemplating the spacers, having a sorted suspension is highlighting that the steering could have a bit more feel and be more direct.
Mr Stuart