Testimonial - F23 M240i - B3 Sport Suspension - Mrs Self

Date: 14/01/2023

Hi Kevin, and happy new year !

Just wanted to drop you an email to say thanks for the work on the M240i - the suspension upgrade is amazing! It obviously hasn’t been the weather to push on much, but it’s transformed the car. It really is a car you can drive with your fingertips now, without fear of landing in a random hedge somewhere. It turns in much more responsively, and you can feel what the front end is doing now - it’s lost the vagueness. Wish I’d done it ages ago !

It’s still got a bit of a vibration at higher speeds although it’s much improved. Brake feel is also better, although I don’t think it’s still where it should be. I think it’s due a brake fluid change in the next few months, so I’ll probably book it back into you for that, so we can have another look, see if it’s binding again, and figure out what to do next.

Speak soon