Testimonial - F31 335dx - B3 Performance Package - Mr Dore

Date: 12/03/2020

Dear Kevin/James.
BMW 335d touring.
Following my recent trip to your establishment (having first researched the reviews in EVO magazine) I am very pleased at the conversion offered, and find it to make the car what it should have been, rather than what it was (as dictated by market forces).
If I was in any doubt as to where my money was being spent, a comprehensive test-drive in the similar demonstrator vehicle left absolute conviction this was the way forwards, the available handling, traction and huge wave of useable torque all make for a rapid road car.
The tuning was carried out in two stages -suspension and tyres first, giving me time to acclimatise, the car now ‘turning in’ and riding the uneven UK roads well, followed by the engine upgrade which really makes the car effortless in overtaking and much more playful, if required.
The enthusiasm of your staff came through, and added to the experience.
I also like the availability on the phone in order to talk through driving styles/upgrades etc. which adds to the overall experience.
Trust this is of help for your feedback book.
Yours sincerely,
Mr Dore