Testimonial - F31 335dx - Complete Conversion - Mr Spence

Date: 30/3/2021
Hi Kevin,
A couple of years ago I was looking for an estate car for my dogs which also had four wheel drive
for the Winter and I decided to get a 335d touring. I sourced a car from a garage in Stafford and on the 300+ miles home I discovered it could do with some fettling.
B3 Sport Suspension:- Lowering springs are judged perfectly. Drops the body just enough to get rid of the unsightly gap without going too far. Handling and ride comfort has improved dramatically and loses that horrible floaty feeling that you have with the std suspension in comfort. I would be prepared to have the suspension a little firmer in all honesty but the package now will suit probably 99% of customers. I would strongly recommend getting normal tyres fitted at the same time as the suspension because the tyres on their own make a massive difference.
Engine Management:- Masses of power and especially torque when you bury the throttle. What a difference the extra 70 odd bhp makes and at a steady 85mph cruise it will still return 42mpg.
My car has had it's 2nd MOT since the car visited Birds and it has sailed through without any issues with emissions.
Alcon Brakes:- I had heard of Alcon brakes before but had never used them on any car or bike. I
usually went for Brembo systems on both. The Alcon brakes are strides ahead of anything I have
ever used before. They are very powerful and can be used very progressively and I found it very
satisfying being able to hold the car right on the point of lock up or ABS intervention. When the
brakes were first fitted, they were very sharp which I loved. Over the last 10k miles since they were fitted, a lot of the sharpness has gone, which I miss, but the performance is still there. These
brakes are very, very impressive, even if you only have the 18" wheels like my car. As soon as my
rear pads are worn and need replacing, I'll be ordering up the Alcon kit for the rear as well.
When I initially priced up what I wanted for the car I thought it was quite expensive even though I
was intending geƫng a package deal, but to be perfectly honest, it is a bit of a bargain when you
see how much the car is improved overall. I had my previous car for 10 years and I can't imagine
ever getting rid of this car now.
Mr Spence.