Testimonial - Mercedes 171 SLK 350 - Quaife LSD - Mr Arvanitakis

Date: 23/03/2019

Dear James

Job completed with amazing results! The car has been transformed in all aspects regarding its power handling! Everything was perfectly done.

Just to know, as we were talking for part numbers, the differential casing has on it the number A2093510205 which does not exist on the EPC and certainly is totally different that differential's part number! This is just for your knowledge. 

An other concern about Mercedes, there is no magnet in the draining plug and differential inside was covered with a layer of very thin (like coating) black sludge counting just 90.000 km, any way everything was properly cleaned and the whole power train is a charm! I think it would be nice to add a magnet, what do you think?
Also I am thinking in 1000 km to change the oil just for the good sake of order. I use Fuchs Syntopoid 75W-85 FE which is fully approved as 235.7 compliant.
Best Regards,