Testimonial - Quaife LSD - F32 440i - Mr Smith


Just a quick note to say that I’m very happy with the mods you made to my 440 today.  The gear change has improved immeasurably - shifts are shorter and the feel is much more mechanical.  I adapted to the heavier clutch almost immediately.  The LSD appears to have given the car much better traction on bumpy roads - it drives out of corners better and is more confidence inspiring.  Overall, I’m very pleased - thank you to you and your team for achieving this improvement.

I also appreciated the demo drive but, having driven my car quite hard on the return journey from your place, I don’t think I need the extra power, the suspension mods or the exhaust.  I might change my mind but I doubt it!

If you ever buy and fix the suspension on an i3, let me know?!

Kind regards,

Mr Smith