B-Series Sport Suspension for BMW F22 M235i & M240i

Birds are pleased to announce the release of their Bilstein-based B-Series Sport Suspension upgrade for the F22 M235i and M240i.

The Birds B-Series Sport Suspension Kits consist of specially valved Bilstein shock absorbers and bespoke springs, designed by Birds and industry experts to offer the ultimate improvement in BMW ride quality and handling on the UK's diverse road surfaces.

The kit uses springs and dampers that have been tuned specifically for the M235i and M240i. Former racing driver James Weaver and experienced motorsport engineer Peter Weston helped to develop the kits, and by using a short loop made up of narrow, bumpy lanes close to the Birds' HQ as a “development circuit”, we were able to continually assess the set-ups until we were completely satisfied.

The result is a compliant, comfortable, yet sporty suspension upgrade that offers unrivalled performance on UK roads.

Birds offer demonstrations of their fleet, all equipped with the other upgrades they offer, at their HQ based in Iver, Bucks. Other upgrades available include Engine Management Software, Quaife ATB limited-slip diffs, Anti-Roll Bar Kits, and Alcon Brake Kits, all of which can be combined into packages with consequential package discounts. Shipping worldwide also available.

Kit Price: £1090 ex. VAT.

Installed Price: £1562 -£1951 ex. VAT.

Warranty: 24-36 months dependant on age and mileage.

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"Not only was the ride quality better than before, ultimate body control improved on our bumpy B roads and the steering feel improvements were in a different league."

BMWCar Magazine April 2017 editorial for F22 M235i




"The abiding impression is of tautly controlled suppleness that makes the suspension's indifference to mid-bend disturbances all the more gratifying."


EVO Magazine July 2017 editorial for F22 M235i



"The car actually smother and absorbs the road surface rather than lolloping about all over it, giving you real confidence."


Autocar Magazine July 2017 editorial for F22 M235i