NEW BMW Quaife ATB Limited-Slip Differential - F10 535i, 528i, F12 640i, 650i and more!

The popular Quaife Automatic Torque-Biasing LSD is now available and in stock for various F07/10/F11 5 Series and F06/F12 6 Series models, exclusively at Birds.

Once installed, drivers will notice an immediate difference as the Quaife ATB automatically biases torque across the axle to the wheel with most grip. Unwanted wheel-slip is greatly reduced, enabling drivers to exploit the full potential of their BMW for the first time.

All standard BMW cars come from the factory fitted with an "open differential" - a simple device that allows the driving wheels to turn at different speeds. The problem with the open diff is that it can only ever apply the same amount of torque to both driving wheels, so when a wheel slips, it will only put through the amount of torque it requires to power that spinning wheel (very little!). Additionally, BMW use various electronic systems that "curb" power to the drive wheels during traction loss (indicated by the flashing traction light on your dashboard).

The Quaife ATB limited-slip differential is the ultimate traction solution. Its patented gear-based design allows a progressive transfer of torque away from the spinning wheel and onto the wheel with more grip. Unlike conventional LSDs, it does not use clutches or other wearing internals, meaning that Quaife can give a limited lifetime warranty on their units, which requires no servicing or maintenance. It is completely silent in operation and works perfectly with the car's electronics.

This application fits the models listed:

F06 640i/x
F07 520d, 528i, 535i/x GT 
F10 520i, 523i, 528i, 518d, 520d/x, 525d/x, 535i/x

Part number: QDF46B & QDF47B

Exchange Quaife final drive list price: £2145 ex VAT | £2574 inc vat (includes £750 surcharge)

Installed price: £2014 inc VAT


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